The Role Court Reporters Play in the Legal System

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When one thinks of the world of law, their mind usually gravitates towards attorneys. It is true, attorneys have a difficult job—they have a wide array of people to bring together and orchestrate a cohesive (hopefully winning) case. Behind each and every one of those attorneys, however, is a plethora of legal professionals that provide attorneys the edge they need to be successful.

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Among these professionals (and potentially, one of the most important team members) are court reporters. Most laypeople don’t think of court reporters—they’re the quiet people on keyboards in the corner of a court room—but in reality, without them, many cases would come to a screeching halt. Why is that? Because, without a skilled court reporter, attorneys wouldn’t have transcripts that accurately record what was said during their legal proceedings.

Suddenly, the importance of court reporters is clear as day. A recorded transpiring of what occurred in a deposition or trial is crucial to planning how to proceed with a case. It allows attorneys to take notes of important events, such as witness testimonies, and use them at a later date. But in order to get the best results, attorneys need a court reporting firm they know they can rely on.

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Take Cleveland, Ohio for example. As a major city, Cleveland is home to a vast number of legal professionals—from attorneys, to videographers, to magistrates, and of course, court reporters. But just because these positions are important, it does not mean they were all created equal in quality. Some Cleveland court reporters will scrape the surface of doing the bare minimum. What an attorney really need is a court reporter that will be there every step of the way.

In Cleveland, attorneys know which court reporting firm will check each and every one of their boxes: Cady Reporting. For 40 years now, the name “Cady Reporting” has been associated with excellence in speed and accuracy. Firm President, Chuck Cady, won the Ohio Cup for speed and accuracy on three separate occasions, after all. His high standards of what makes a skilled court reporter leads to an unparalleled level of quality among his entire staff. Court reporters in Cleveland, Ohio, strive to be as talented as the staff at Cady Reporting.

But Cady Reporting is more than a talented court reporting firm. While speed and accuracy are incredibly important to litigation firm, so is quality of customer service. At Cady Reporting, clients don’t have to worry about being pushed aside or treated poorly. As a family owned and operated firm, Cady Reporting’s staff takes it upon themselves to make sure their clients feel they are a part of a family. Their clients are more than numbers—they are individuals with individual needs, a level of dedication that becomes increasingly difficult to find as we move into an increasingly more corporate world.

Court reporters are instrumental to the legal industry. Attorneys and judges alike rely on accurate transcripts being delivered in a timely fashion—but more so, attorneys rely on a court reporting firm that will do everything they can to ensure their clients’ needs are met.

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