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Dr. Dale Eubank’s Weight Loss Secret

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Here we are, with Valentine’s Day looming over our heads. Some of us are buying boxes of chocolate for our loved ones. Some of us have made reservations at that expensive restaurant a spouse has always wanted to try. Some of us have a small (or not so small), weekend getaway to a cabin in the woods or a tropical island planned. Some of us are treating our friends— even ourselves—to a fun night out or a cozy night in.

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Perhaps it won’t be the day after, maybe not even two days, but come Monday after a weekend of fun, food, and drinks, many of us will step on the scale and wonder what happened. For those who are at a comfortable weight, a couple extra pounds aren’t the end of the world and will likely be shed again by the following weekend. For those who have been diligently dieting and exercising with a weight loss goal in mind, a few added pounds can be devastating. To see one’s hard work be overpassed by one, maybe two, days of splurging is difficult. For some, it’s even enough to tip them over the edge and make them give up on their regimen of diet and exercise all together.

“By February, a large portion of people have already given up on their New Year’s Resolutions,” Gary Jouver of Montville, Connecticut says. “When Valentine’s Day rolls around, a lot of people who have been hanging on to their weight loss goals give up. They’ve struggled too long with too little pay-off, and all of the delectable sweets make them fall off the deep end.”

A few missed days shouldn’t be enough for someone to give up on their weight loss journey, but Dr. Dale Eubank, a Corpus Christi medical weight loss doctor, has seen this trend time and time again. In his practice of gynecology, he witnessed women struggle through similar cycles. Let’s say one woman put on weight due to pregnancy. Following the pregnancy, she struggles to lose the weight. She tries and tries, but she can’t seem to get back to her original weight, and after trying fad diets, she gives up.

For years, Dr. Eubank watched dozens of women struggle in this all too similar fashion, sometimes turning to dangerous diets in order to lose weight. It was this frustrating battle against the scale that inspired Dr. Eubank to come up with his own weight loss alternative using a natural chemical we all have: serotonin.

Serotonin is a mood regulating hormone found in the brain. An imbalance in the chemical has been implicated to contribute to higher cravings of carbohydrates, increased binge eating, and depression. By targeting that imbalance with Dr. Eubank’s Serotonin-Plus supplement and a personalized regimen of diet and exercise, men and women alike have managed to shed their stubborn pounds like the never have before. In 12 weeks, clients lose an average of 35 pounds—a massive improvement for those who have struggled on their journey for too long.

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“In the last 5 years, my participation in various weight control programs had been disappointingly unsuccessful. However, the Serotonin Formula Weight Loss Program™ has been AMAZING!!” Shirlee C., a former client says about her journey. “While following this program during this past 12 week period that included Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year festivities, I LOST 20 lbs. …TRULY AMAZING…”

Whether you have 10 pounds or 100 pounds to lose, Dr. Eubank and his staff at Advanced Weight Loss can get you there. Each client is an individual with individual needs to be addressed, and the program reflects that. They want you to succeed in becoming the best possible version of yourself just as much as you do.

For more information on Advanced Weight Loss, or to schedule a free consultation, call (361) 906-1112, email info@araresearch.com, or visit their offices.

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Medical Weight Loss Clinics Embrace New Technologies

It’s no secret that weight loss is a huge industry for everyone from pharmaceutical companies to doctors and food companies. Medical weight loss clinics alone account for more than 40% of the total revenues in the health and fitness sector of the weight loss economy. Medical weight loss doctors have become one of the more powerful niche health and beauty professionals in America.

With a record number of Americans suffering from diabetes, obesity and chronic weight gain, the road to healthy living and losing weight is varied and profitable. With a business model that feeds both rural and urban populations, medical weight loss and its diverse interests offer patients a variety of options for addressing their weight concerns, healthcare and even in many cases beauty.

New Trends in Weight Loss Treatment, Health and Beauty

For example, Advanced Weight Loss in Corpus Christi, Texas, home of medical director Dr. Dale Eubank, is one of the more technologically-savvy operators offering everything from their unique Serotonin Plus weight loss treatment to beauty and health treatments such as vaginal rejuvenation and bio-hormone therapy. By combining the various avenues of their treatments with sophisticated social media and online marketing techniques, the Advanced Weight Loss has become one of the dominant medi-spas and medical weight loss centers in Texas.

Dr. Eubank explains: “We wanted to create a safe and effective way for our patients to stay healthy, address their weight issues and help themselves feel and live better. We found the Serotonin Plus system to be powerful and very safe for treating patients who have had a difficult time dropping extra weight.”

What Is a Medi-Spa?

One of the more recent trends in the world of health and beauty care is the fusion of plastic and cosmetic surgery beauty treatments, from facelifts and breast augmentations with health care treatments such as weight loss or skincare.

This fusion of beauty has resulted an even more blurred line between essential health care and beauty care. The term “medi-spa” generally refers to a clinic or center that combines the pampered care of hairstyling and skincare with weight loss or plastic surgery and botox treatments.

The results vary but one of the key ingredients in the successful endeavors by doctors is the judicious use of new technologies like Serotonin Plus, SculpSure, Botox, and other treatments.

Earnings at these facilities are said to be over $5 Billion annually in the United States alone. These figures don’t include sole practitioners and clinics offering solely plastic and cosmetic surgery.

One thing is true, the fusion of health and beauty care will always be tied to the use of new drugs, technologies and other advancements in science.