How One Miami Doctor is Using Old School Radio and Social Media to Promote His Business

Back in the day, radio was everything. It was how people got their news, it was where people stopped to listen to their favorite shows, it was where people discovered new music and listened to the station until they find that great song another time. Television slowed some of radio’s traction, but it was really the internet that caused things to come to a screeching halt. People get their news from social media outlets, they use streaming services to watch their favorite shows, and they listen to Spotify to play that song that had been stuck in their head again and again.

Nowadays, radio is mostly listened to by people driving to and from work. Times of emergency when cable and internet are out, inspire new listeners, but otherwise, it’s forgotten about. The people who do listen to radio recreationally while doing work at home or relaxing on their front porch belong to an older population.

This begs the question: how do advertisers decide where to place their advertisements if they want to appeal to as large an audience as possible? One dermatologist has figured it out.

Promoting Work in a Unique Way

Dr. Angelo Thrower

Dr. Angelo Thrower is a doctor based out of Miami who specializes in the treatment of ethnic skin. He has developed a number of procedures at his MedSpa and a number of products with his Dr. Thrower Skin Care line designed with ethnic skin-types in mind. Dr. Thrower provides the results other products fail to produce.

Dr. Thrower has an excellent online presence. His frequent posts on his several Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages often generate response. He promotes his products and his MedSpa in a fresh way that doesn’t sound overly salesman-like—it truly seems that Dr. Thrower is wanting to educate his audience on products that could help them.

Doctor and Radio Personality

Recently, Dr. Thrower has dived into a new realm of advertising—radio. He booked two featured radio spots—one with Stations 99 Jamz and another with Hot 105. In these spots, Dr. Thrower discusses the MedSpa, his treatments, his skin care line, and how to take care of one’s skin.

Dr. Thrower recording at 99 Jamz

To generate more business, a discount is added to your purchase of skin care products or MedSpa services when a listener mentions any of these radio spots. Those who already regularly listen to the radio are lucky enough to catch these times and discounts, but one would think it leaves out a large number of potential buyers.

But Dr. Thrower is a smart man. These radio spots are advertised on the doctor’s social medias. The promotional code isn’t given away here, but the information about the spots are. This leads to an influx of people listening to these stations that may not have otherwise. While creating more business for himself, Dr. Thrower is also bringing these radio stations more traction, which leads to more people listening to these radio spots, and the cycle continues.

A Dermatologist and an Entrepreneur

He is a dermatologist, certainly, but Dr. Thrower is also a talented businessman. He knows what to do to create business, while simultaneously providing help to a community that previously was lacking providers. Dr. Thrower has his head above water in the competitive world of Miami beauty.

For more information on the MedSpa, call (305) 757-9797 or visit their Miami office.

180 NE 99th St, Miami Shores, FL 33138

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